Aquarium in Phuket

Aquarai Phuket Best Aquarium in Phuket

Welcome to an underwater world that lets you make your way through it so that you go on living how you thought life underwater would look like. This is the Phuket Aquarium based in Thailand and the fishes swimming on the other side of the glass gives you the real-time feel of living underwater life.

Ever wondered how the big fishes would look like, swimming right past you? Or maybe you want to see the jellyfishes swing right past you. All this and much more can be found at the Phuket Aquarium with its dimly lit environment and water patterns lacing the wall, giving you the real feels of being underwater, just without a swimsuit.

Station Aquarius:

Jellyfishes are genuinely considered some sort of aliens because of their mechanism and way of movement. Yet, they are equally intriguing entities, and divers are in luck (or not) if they happen to see one life. But now you can too at the Station Aquarius of Phuket Aquarium. A place filled with jellyfishes, passing by each other. Experience these alien-esque creatures and drool in amazement only at Aquarai Phuket.    

The mystic forest:

Dive down and feed the creatures that rule the underwater world. The mystic forest at Phuket Aquarium allows you to swim with these fishes and provide them without any danger as these are not the killer type fishes, and you can easily live underwater life without diving into a natural ocean.

The river caves:

There is so much more to fishes around the rivers. Beavers, tortoises, and other animals that live near these rivers are equally a wonder and people’s interest to watch out for.

Phuket Aquarium features a live river cave where you can feed the beavers, adore the turtles, live the riverside life without actually traveling miles searching for beautiful rivers, and then take extra time to befriend the riverside creatures before you can actually feed them.

Coastal Heaven:

True to its name, coastal heaven is the real heavenly deal at the Phuket Aquarium. While fishes are readily found in water bodies, there is one bird-cum-fish restricted to the northern areas only. They are perhaps some of the cutest creatures, and we believe one of the reasons many would want to fly to the north poles. These are the penguins, and they are wholesome creatures.

Bless your eyes with them at the Aquaria Phuket. The coastal heaven got penguins, being their same playful selves as they are on the north coast. At Phuket Aquarium, special care is taken to maintain the excellent environmental and temperature standards so that the Penguins don’t find it harsh to live in an artificial world.

Stingray Bay:

Stingrays might just be called some of the most dangerous creatures as they can sting their prey numb and can exist in super large sizes. However, if you ever happen to see the underside of a stingray, they are the real-life smiley emoji and will make you go gaga over their cuteness.

How to see them without getting stung, though? By visiting the Phuket Aquarium, where the stingray bay features cute stingrays living together on the other side of the glass so that you enjoy the view without any fear.


However, this is not it. Phuket Aquarium has various other features to give you a live underwater feel, and it spreads over a beautiful area so that your visit is as pleasant as it may get. Walking on overhead bridges, surrounded by lush greenery right into a live underwater world, is a dream that Phuket Aquarium brings to reality and hence, is a must-visit.

Phuket Aquaria Map

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