Loy Krathong

Dec 2018

If you have had a chance to visit Thailand or its nearby countries during October or November, you might already have witnessed its gorgeous festival celebrated annually, Loy Krathong. The Festival takes place on the evening of the 12th month in the traditional Thai lunar calendar, thus the exact date of the festival changes every year. It is also celebrated differently in some provinces in Thailand but the purpose of the celebration is to thank the Goddess of Water, as well as apologize for polluting the water. A lot of people also believe that to release their “Krathongs” into rivers is to let go of bad things in their lives. Krathong is normally made from banana tree trunk, banana leaves and beautifully decorated with flowers. In Chiangmai the festival lasts for three day and floating lanterns will also be launched into the night sky as part of the Yipeng festival (Lanna festival or northern Thai festival).  Many places host several cultural events such as Krathong-making Competition, Thai dances and beauty contest known as “Nang Noppamas”.


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