Local Southern Food You Should Not Miss

Dec 2018

          Thailand’s agricultural exports are highly successful internationally. The most important crop is, of course, rice. Whilst Thais tend to eat rice along with almost everything (and everyday), the food is different in every region. Southern food, for instance, is spicier than central Thai food. Here’s some dishes we recommend you try (just don’t forget to say the magic word “mai ped”, which means “not spicy”.)

  1. Gaeng Leung (Yellow Curry) – you might be familiar with green or red curries. However, yellow curry is a signature southern dish. The secret lies in turmeric using in the curries. You can expect a variety of fish yellow curry to papaya yellow curry!
  2. Khau Kling Moo Sab – fried diced pork with different Thai herbals. Need I say more?
  3. Massaman Curry – a mild Thai curry influenced by Malay and Indian cuisine. It is commonly made with chicken and potatoes cooked in flavourful sauce but there’s also variations using beef or duck. Massaman is one of the best Thai dishes known worldwide.

These are the 3 dishes you definitely should not miss but also do try Satay, Gaeng Som, Sataw Pad Kapi and more!


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