Monday - Friday Night Market at Kamala beach in Phuket

Kamala Monday – Monday - Friday Night Market is one of the biggest local markets in Phuket. Located just right opposite the Fantasea Phuket entertainment complex, it is also known as Fantasea market. This outdoor local market has gained popularity among tourists over years since it was found. It is one of the best tourist destinations during the night due to the variety of products, tasty food, good location and reasonable prices. People always come here to do shopping implying that it is known as the best shopper’s paradise in Kamala beach.

Like normal markets, usual suspects can be found here including clothes, butcher shops, fresh groceries, vegetable, fruits, gadgets, souvenirs and many more. However, this local market is most well known for being food hub which offer visitors to sample the delectable local Thai food and other ready-made snacks such as dried fruits. Most of delicious looking food is shown on the table after table with reasonable prices. Apart from local food, the fusion of international food in Thai style is presented such as satay, noodle, salad, soup, fired meatball and sushi (the most popular one) which is always surrounded by the big crowds of locals. Many kinds of desserts are also provided. The popular one is ‘Roti’, crispy pancake with banana or condensed milk on the top, which allows visitors to enjoy watching how to make it. All of tasty food experiences with accessible prices can be found here in only a night!

If you are thinking about chilling somewhere near Kamala beach tonight, don’t hesitate to wander around here. You will experience the real taste of local food and able to buy beautiful souvenirs with a good deal. The market opens every Fridays and Mondays (even though it’s called Money - Friday night market) on 4-9 pm. Plus, it is located just next to Glam Habitat hotel, 50 meters away only!


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