How to Get to Phuket

Jan 2019

          There are several ways to get yourself to Phuket. Which way suits you best: we have the information, you decide.

  1. Airplane – the fastest and often the most expensive way. There are loads of direct flight offered from Bangkok and other big cities, many of which are cheaper than you may expect. Just make sure to check them out in advance.
  2. Car – yes, you can actually drive to the island. It’d take more than just a few hours if you intend to drive from the capital though. But it’s possible. In fact, anything is possible if you are up for a road trip.
  3. Coach bus – just like the one above, only there’s someone driving for you. Head to for more info.
  4. Boat/Ferry/Cruise ship – of course, people travel by sea to an island! You will be surprised at the amount of boats, ferries and cruise ships carrying passengers to Phuket daily. Let the calmness of the sea soothe you in preparation for the adventures await you on the island.


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