Celebrating Chinese New Year

Feb 2019

Happy Lunar New Year! It’s the Year of the Pig! Now, if you haven’t already known, Chinese New Year is a public holiday for most Thais, which only means one thing: there is a huge celebration going. Many Thais have Chinese ancestry and those who don’t would jump in and celebrate anyway. Chinese New Year is also one of the most important festivals in Phuket. But what exactly do we do on Chinese New Year? When we were kids, we would be on the moon to receive red envelopes because cash is the main gift on Chinese New Year. On this day there will be traditional lion and dragon dances that are believed to bring good luck. People wake up early to pray and worship their ancestors. This is usually followed by having lunch/dinner together in the family. And the tradition wouldn’t be complete without fireworks and firecrackers.

Once again, happy Lunar New Year!


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