Best Street Food You Should Try in Phuket

Mar 2019

If there is anything Thailand is famous for, apart from its gorgeous beaches and splendid temples, it’s the cuisine, especially Thai street food. And just like they say, if you haven’t tried street food in Thailand, you haven’t really been to Thailand.

  1. Roti or Thai Crepe/Pancake – the best way to describe Roti is that it is fried crisp and sweet flatbread. It tastes unbelievable and will leave you wanting more. Think of it like the French Crepe, you can choose what you want to eat it with. Bananas and eggs are the best weirdly combination.
  2. Satay – basically it’s grilled pork or chicken, kind of like BBQ but the secret that makes it so delish lies on the sauce and we assure you do not wanna miss it.
  3. Dim Sum Dumplings and Salapao – although Dim Sum is actually Chinese food, you are not likely to find something like this anywhere in China. There are many types of Dim Sum dishes, for example shrimp dumplings, fish tofu etc. Thai people usually eat it as breakfast. Just go for it. Trust us.
  4. Pad Thai – of course, Pad Thai is on the list! You are hardly to miss this stir-fried rice noodle anywhere in Thailand, but which part of the country make the best Pad Thai? You decide.
  5. Coconut ice-cream – in an actual coconut to be precise because that is just the best way to enjoy this wonderful taste of the ice-cream. There is also an alternative which will definitely blows your mind… ice-cream sandwich. As in, ice-cream in a sandwich. Well, westerners have hot dog. We just take the sausage out and put an ice-cream in instead and guess what, it is super cheap and tastes amazingly good.


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