Fresh market

This local market is located just 300 metres away from the market opposite BigC supermarket. It is a hidden gem for people living here. Even though the market is not popular among tourists, it is visited by local people everyday as a main source of food supplies with cheap price. Similar to normal market, food, fresh vegetables and fruits, seafood, meat, desserts and snacks can be found here.
There are all type of food you can imagine with accessible prices. Variety of fruits and vegetables are provided. Also meat and seafood can be found easily next to fruits shop. Dried seafood and many kinds of chili paste are ready to serve which visitors can try before making decision. For snacks side, you can find local BBQ, sausages, deep fried meatball, fried chicken and crispy tofu served with special sauce. Moreover, there are traditional Thai snacks such as steamed rice-skin dumplings (Kao-Kreab-Pak-Mhoa), tapioca pork (Saku-sai-Mhoo) and stuffed cripsy egg-crepe (Kanom-Beuang-Yuan).
Visitors can come to experience this local market by either motorcycle or walking. The market opens on Wednesday and Saturday evening from 3 -7 p.m. If you see BigC supermarket, just cross to the opposite side and walk for 300 metres through the alley. You will definitely find it.


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