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Mar 2019

Hello Summer! There is no better holiday season than this season. Yes, it’s hot and sweaty and ice-cream never tastes this good, so we are loving it! This March, our house was graced by the o...

Mar 2019
Best Street Food You Should Try in Phuket

If there is anything Thailand is famous for, apart from its gorgeous beaches and splendid temples, it’s the cuisine, especially Thai street food. And just like they say, if you haven’t ...

Feb 2019
Best Dive Sites In & Around Phuket

In case you haven’t already know, Phuket has loads of day trip diving available and it is going to be one of the biggest highlights of your holidays yet. Come discover the exquisite marine li...

Valentine’s Event

Happy belated Valentine’s! Glam Team hope you had a wonderful and fabulous one with your significant other. We, too, did celebrate Valentine’s in a little different way than you m...

Feb 2019
Best Places to Have Valentine’s Dinner in Phuket

It may look like we have just past New Year’s Day but the truth is it’s already February! Now, what happens on February? That’s right, Valentine’s Day. Spending Valentine&rs...

Feb 2019
Celebrating Chinese New Year

Happy Lunar New Year! It’s the Year of the Pig! Now, if you haven’t already known, Chinese New Year is a public holiday for most Thais, which only means one thing: there is a huge celeb...

Feb 2019
Khao Rang – One of Phuket’s Most Famous Viewpoint

          Set in the northwest of Phuket, Khao Rang or Rang Hill, one of Phuket’s most famous viewpoint was actually known as Khao Lang or “Back Hill” in ...

Jan 2019
How to Get to Phuket

          There are several ways to get yourself to Phuket. Which way suits you best: we have the information, you decide.

  1. Airplane – the fastest and o...

Monday & Friday Night Market in Kamala

Kamala Monday & Friday Night Market is one of the biggest local markets in Phuket. Located just right opposite the Fantasea Phuket entertainment complex, it is also known as Fantasea market. Th...

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